We love using Hearts & Arrows cut diamonds in our designs. But what is a Hearts & Arrows cut diamond?

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are precision-cut round diamonds. Less than one percent of all diamonds qualify for a Hearts & Arrows cut. The diamonds are cut entirely by hand. This process takes almost twice as long as an "ordinary" brilliant cut diamond. Attempts have been made to let automated machines do the work, but this was at the expense of the diamond. The beauty of the diamond is therefore best expressed through the craftsmanship of a very experienced diamond cutter.

A Hearts & Arrows diamond is cut so perfectly that the reflection of the facets creates kaleidoscopic patterns. All the factors of these diamonds are in harmony. A special tool shows a perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows from above and eight symmetrical hearts from below. We can show this to you in the shop.
The precision of the optical symmetry with which this diamond is cut is the reason for the brilliance which they impart. Any deviation from the norm, no matter how miniscule, in the proportion of each facet, can result in a myriad of reactions, which will ultimately affect the look of the diamond. The proportion of each facet, the number of facets and their cutting order has to be precise for the Heart & Arrow diamond shape to be in line with each other.

The result is unparalleled beauty: a unique pattern, an enchanting sparkle, the highest possible brilliance and intense fire. The light reflection makes an Hearts & Arrows cut diamond appear larger and more vibrant than any other diamond.

YouTube video where you can see the Hearts

YouTube video where you can see the Arrows





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